Looking for new ideas to motivate your employees? Tired of struggling with the gazillion details in planning a team building event? Leave it to us as we get You on the Rite way!

From Start to Finish, Travel Rite will take charge of the operation of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. So, relax, go ahead and enjoy the fun with the rest of the team.  

our process is simple


Speak to our friendly Manager who will assist you in picking the package Rite for you & your team based on your goals & budget. 


Chat with us as we laser in the details including location, desired outcomes and your company culture for us to better understand and help you come up with a more personalized programme. 

Sitback & Relax

Relax while TravelRite organizes it all by coordinating with the venue, transportation, gathering necessary tools and materials and all while keeping you or any other staff involved in the loop.

Event Day 

Our On-Site Facilitator takes charge to deliver the program  - all you need to do is enjoy some engaging , fun activities with your team , achieve your goals and debrief. In the end of the day, you become a hero.




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